1 Rue Longue, 4961 Clemency,  Luxembourg

+352 661 66 66 47

Because everyone is different

we design computer software

matching  your own DNA

BIAC-LOG has been active since 2001 in Luxembourg in the field of software design & development. Specialised in tailored management software, Biac has built a solid experience in creating solutions dedicated to  a wide range of business areas.

High-performance applications that fuel growth and profitability.

Combining field experience and technological expertise, we develop resilient software that lasts over the years.

Guaranteeing continuous improvements of our products is part of our corporate culture.


Our software packages are flexible and fit your environment. Dissociable from each other, they can gather into a unique Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.


We study the best solution matching your own business,  organization and structure. Far from technological jargon, we speak in simple and accessible terms. Whether it concerns accounting, catering or Electronic Content Management system... wee tailor our computer to meet your needs.


BIAC LOG     -   1 Rue Longue, 4961 Clemency,  Luxembourg  -  tel  : +352 661 66 66 47